'Plan, Provide, and Train' to Prevent Falls on the Job

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Falls are the leading cause of death and disability in the construction industry. Nearly 1 in 4 falls involve ladders, and a fatal fall can happen from under 15 feet. Vandalia Rental, Mid-America OSHA, and the Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. are educating workers and employers about safety precautions aimed at saving lives and protecting the construction workforce. OSHA's campaign called "Plan, Provide, Train", endeavors to reduce accidents associated with falls in the construction industry.

Planning is the first step in protecting workers from injury. When work must be completed at a height, employers and supervisors must develop safety plans that include budgeting for and providing protective equipment needed for safe completion. Managing hazards at heights will require project managers to evaluate potential hazards in advance, such as skylights that create holes in roofs, leading edges, and stability challenges; then plan the correct method for work which will include the use of the correct ladders, safely built scaffolding, guardrail systems, or harnesses.

Providing the correct tools as well as necessary gear and training will significantly minimize fall risk. Providing workers with proper protective equipment may include personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), harnesses for each worker to anchor, and well-fitting safety gear. Properly built scaffolding, guardrails on elevated platforms, and monitoring trip hazard from construction materials or exposed rebar will also reduce fall risks. Ensuring that tools and construction materials get to the height needed safely will reduce incidents of falling tools which can throw workers off balance.

Training must also be provided on proper set up at work sites, safe use of protective equipment and PFAS, safe ladder use, and safe scaffolding construction and load capacity, as well as safe height conduct. Regular inspection of equipment is essential to safety.

OSHA promotes the concept of role-modeling at work. Employers that lead by example set the tone for project safety, and supervisors should practice and monitor safe use and conduct on the job site. Alisha Lange, the Marketing Director at Vandalia Rental stated, "Vandalia Rental leads by example and trains workers and contractors in the safe use of all aerial rental equipment, scaffolding, and tool that is rented. Safety is always our top priority. Genie Fall Arrest Bars, Operator Protective Structures, Contact Alarms, and Panel Cradles are a few of the optional aerial work platform safety compliant accessories that we carry. They are always in high demand."

Falls can be prevented with proper planning, safe equipment, and training. Go to www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3755.pdf to learn more about how to prevent falls on the job. For more information on equipment rental, aerial work platform safety accessories, or safety training with Vandalia Rental, call 1-800-321-5061, email info@vandaiarental.com, or visit vandaliarental.com.

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